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Sam is over 70 years old and is in need of your generosity. Unfortunately, he has lost his eyesight due to a medical condition. He is unable to drive and relies on his wife to take him to his doctor's appointments as his health is not amazing. A terrible thing happened recently. Sam was robbed. The thieves stole $9,000 in cash savings that Sam had intended to give his wife to pay for a car, not a new car , just a second hand car that would take them from A to B as the current one was too old to save. Sam has always been a hard worker. He spends his life devoted to his family. His grandchildren are everything to him. Since losing his eyesight he has been unable to work for many years and it's been tough.
It's hard enough losing your eyesight and not being able to do the simple things daily that we all take for granted. On top of this, to lose money that has been taken from your home is such an invasion and the family are devastated. Every little bit helps. if you could find it in your heart to help replenish the savings that Sam had, to buy a working car, the family would be forever grateful.
I know we are all going through hard times during this pandemic. Some much harder than others. If you could spare a small donation towards this beautiful family it would mean the world.
The most important thing we can do in this life is help others in need. Even if in the smallest way.
I am doing all that I can in helping to spread the word in assisting this beautiful family. Please do take the time to read the story and share it around. Every little bit helps. Stay safe and thank you.
I Daniela Corso support the Help Sam recover 
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